Compassionate Care Winners


Paula Weathers
Carla Feldman
2006 Allison Givens
Karen Baker White
2007 Laura Turner
Rebecca Sharp Whitaker
2008 Betty Hays
Linda VanHoose
2009 Kara Brewer
Rick Coons
2010 Betsy Clark
Diane Bibb
2011 Lindsay Thome
Amy Potter
2012 Diana Foubester
Tiffany Serandos


Belinda Krchelich
Matt Hanlin
2014 Lora Culp
Mike Hale
2015 Mary Ripper
Amanda Jennings

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Compassionate Care Award


The Hannibal Regional Foundation is honored to recognize two team members who are involved in direct patient care and who demonstrate extraordinary compassion toward our patients and their families.

This special award was created by the family of Mary Lou Leone because of the personal and compassionate care she received while in our care during her last days.  Many people are unaware how generous Ms. Leone was to Hannibal Regional Hospital during her lifetime.  Her family has continued that tradition with the creation of the Compassionate Care Award. 

Compassionate Care Nominees can be nominated by a fellow team member, a patient or a patient's family member.  Nominations are anonymously reviewed and selected by a committee.  The individuals must truly exhibit the heart and soul of patient-centered care.

Compassionate Care Nomination Form