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The Believe Campaign

Hannibal Regional Foundation's Believe Campaign, raised funds to provide new state of the art technologies in cancer care, surgery, and to build endowed funds for future projects.  Investing now in the technologies and services of tomorrow helps our healthcare system continue our role as the provider of excellence in health.  



James E. Cary Cancer Center - The JECCC is an invaluable resource for our community in fighting cancer and has served over 5,500 patients since beginning in 2003. The Believe Campaign is raising $1,500,000 for the purchase of new state of the art technologies to deliver radiation treatment at the James E. Cary Cancer Center.  A new linear accelerator, which will replace the current system, will bring not only new technologies to the community but also offer new treatments and procedures. 


Surgical Capacities - Healthcare in America continues to see the growth of surgeries that assist patients in increasing their quality of life.  Areas such as orthopedics, pain management, gastroenterology, oncology, and other areas have seen strong growth over the last decade and include many procedures which offer patients increased mobility and reduction of pain.  Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation, through the Believe Campaign is raising $250,000 to assist in purchasing new equipment and resources for the Surgery Department at Hannibal Regional Healthcare System. 


Endowment - Investing today is important for tomorrow’s success.  It is very important for organizations such as Hannibal Regional Foundation to create a strong endowment which allows us to plan for the future. Endowment funds are important for a variety of reasons. The most prominent of these is that an endowment provides a source of ongoing annual support to address charitable causes. Through the Believe Campaign, the Foundation will raise $500,000 to assist in creating a stronger Endowment.