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iStache for Men's Health

Hannibal Regional Foundation is pleased to announce the introduction of HRHS Men’s Health Month for November.  In efforts to advocate for men’s health and help men be more aware of their health, the Foundation, along with Healthcare System Leadership, is leading a new promotion, The iStache Challenge. 

Mr. Todd Ahrens, Hannibal Regional Healthcare System President/CEO, is a strong advocate for men’s health and is excited about using this promotion to generate discussion about the importance of men’s health, encouraging individuals to discuss their health with their healthcare provider.  "As the Foundation leads promotions every October for Women’s Health and Power of Pink, they are now introducing Men’s Health Month and I am pleased to lead the iStache Challenge.  I am challenging all men in our organization, and community, to grow a moustache with me in November," says Mr. Ahrens.  

When asked about your moustache, please take that time to educate individuals about the importance of men’s health and the many things men should do to stay healthy, including exercise, diet and regular check-ups.  Throughout the month of November, the Foundation, along with the iStache Team of Patrick Keyser, Bob Hess, Aaron Zook, Jim Huhn, Roger Dix, Tim Polley, Lynn Olson and myself, will be highlighting different iStache promotions.  We will conclude the iStache Challenge with voting on the Best-Stache and Worst-Stache.  

Join us in celebrating men’s health and start growing your moustache.  What is more important than your health?  Help us spread the word about the importance of men’s health, while having fun with the iStache Challenge.

iStache, Do you?